Revisit L'air pour l'air

Revisit L'air pour l'air documents a cross-disciplinary performance debuted at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, 2017. Video Premiere at PIN-UP.

Architects SO–IL and artist Ana Prvački have created a poetic collaboration for Garfield Park Conservatory called L’air pour l’air. Part installation and part musical performance, it features an ensemble of air-filtering mesh enclosures that touch on the continuities between people, objects, and nature through a medium as ubiquitous as air. The performance debuts a composition for three wind instruments and voice by the composer Veronika Krausas, performed by a quartet of musicians from Chicago Sinfonietta, an orchestra dedicated to diversity and inclusion in classical music. Drawing upon the Conservatory's abundant plant life as inspiration, the enclosures worn by the Sinfonietta collaborators have been designed to clean the air through breath. SO-IL and Prvački’s installation ensures we will always have street music, even in our smog-filled cities of the future. The more music played, the cleaner the air.