Qionglu ('chee-on-lu') is a multimedia producer working with photographers, video editors, event planners, and marketers. 

Graduated with a B.S. degree in Apparel Design and Engineering, Qionglu started her story-telling journey as a PR at luxury brand Max Mara, Shanghai office. In a few years she joined designer brand III VIVINIKO as the head of the in-house creative team to lead the strategy of a consistent customer experience through digital and in-store campaigns.  

In 2015, driven by her curiosity of how the origin of design, both geographically and culturally, affects certain audiences' perception -- which later turned out to be a discourse of identities -- Qionglu moved to New York and studied design theories at Parsons School of Design. Often being asked "where are you from?" and struggling with addressing the assumptions behind it, she realized that identities are by design and, therefore, could be misleading. Design itself, in practice, has to respond to the situated "identities" -- often considered as context -- and sometimes reject them. Subjects in Qionglu's research and documentaries are witnesses and survivors of the phenomenon, and by revealing the complicated process of design vs. identities, she is seeking a more inclusive framework for the future of design.

Qionglu has since worked in communications at Cooper Hewitt Museum, Van Alen Institute, and architecture studio SO - IL. Her current own project is a documentary investigating how "starchitecture" was contextualized in China.

She lives in Brooklyn.

Want to say hi? qionglu.lei@gmail.com